Everyone rides their bike differently, but we all need our bike to perform at its best. Whether its out on the trail, at the local track or on your favour road route. Every rider is unique in height, weight, riding style, ability level, terrain ridden and desired performance. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best suspension and service. Working on a budget? We will make performance product recommendations to best fit your budget and performance expectations. 


SUSPENSION reconditioning

Are your shocks or forks looking a little tired? Are they not performing like they used to? We use OEM and OEM approved components, along with 25 years of racing and tuning experience to breath life back into your suspension and get your bike feeling as good as new. 

New Suspension unit
supply & fitting

new suspension unit supply & Fitting

Got your heart set on a brand new suspension item? Moto-Pro Suspension can supply and install factory fresh suspension components from industry leading brands including Fox Racing, Showa, WP, Reiger, KYB, K-Tech, Ohlins and more…


fork seals

Once of the main reasons fork seals get damaged is through pitting and rust on the fork stanchion. As the tubes move up and down in the legs, the seals keep the oil in. But any imperfections to the chrome can tear the seal, allowing the oil to leak out. Forks with gold or black nitride coatings, for instance, don’t suffer the pitting of chrome forks. Moto-Pro Suspension can replace fork seals on all makes and models of forks. We can also provide a black nitride coating service if you want to go the extra step to making sure your forks are always performing at their best. 


re-valve work

Re-valving is the modifying of the suspension component to improve the performance to better suit the rider’s style and needs. The size, thickness and number of shims in a stack, helps create the action of the suspension and is commonly referred to as “The Setting” or “Valving”.

Moto-Pro Suspension can provide all forms of revalving work on both the front forks and rear shock. 


spring rate adjustment

Spring rate is the force required to move the suspension a certain distance. At Moto-Pro Suspension we take the riders height, weight, style and riding preferences on board when advising and making changes to your shock spring rate. We ensure that the products we supply are bespoke to you and suitable for all your riding needs. 


piston upgrades

Upgraded piston kits can drastically enhance the performance of your fork. They increase oil flow, increase revalve tuning capability, and use a specially formulated high-performance oil. As well as the increase in tuning capability, the speed of recovery is faster and the compression of the fork is smoother. 


bladder conversions

Bladder conversions are fantastic for prolonging the operating window of your shock. They reduce the chance of overheating and also make the shocks items easier to service. 


custom colours
& annodising

At Moto-Pro we can provide Custom TI Nitride, Dic Coating, and Annodising services to not only get the look you want, but also enhance the performance of your forks. 

K-tech sales & service centre

K-tech sales & service centre

K-Tech are renowned the world over for their superb quality after-market suspension components for all types of motorcycles. Moto-Pro Suspension is proud to work closely with K-Tech to be able to supply and fit their full range of items and tune them specifically for your riding needs.

  • Front Fork Piston Kits
  • Front Fork Cartridges 
  • Fork Springs
  • Spring Conversions
  • Rear Shock Piston Kits
  • Shock Absorber Springs
  • Off-Road Valving systems for MX and Enduro