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Quad Shock Service

Quad Shock Service

The shock Absorbers on your Quad are a complex assembly of shims, valve passages and metering components that rely on a clean supply of high quality suspension fluid for maximum performance. Have you ever noticed how hot the shocks on your Quad gets when you ride with the fast guys? Over time, heat breaks down even the most advanced suspension fluid. As the fluid degrades lubrication and consistent damping is compromised. Restoring the protection and performance clean fluid provides is as simple as servicing your shock at least once every riding season, more often if you race or track ride.Our complete shock rebuild includes disassembly cleaning. We carefully inspect all components including shim stacks, bladder, seals etc. We will contact you for your permission if extra parts are required to complete the rebuild. Most shocks need a basic seal rebuild kit .Reassembly of your shock includes new U-Rings,  O-Rings and fully synthetic suspension fluid. Recharged with nitrogen and clickers set for your weight and riding style your shock is ready for another season of riding enjoyment. Our shock service also comes with 12 month warranty.



MotoPro Suspension offers servicing and rebuild options for a huge range of FOX, WP  PEPS , ELKA, OHLINS, REIGER, SHOWA, and KYB Quad shockabsorbers. . IF it seals, bladders, bumpstops or bushes you need we can help. Shocks can be revalved to suit rider weight , ability and discipline to give you that extra edge over your competitors.